health and lifestyle coach

Jolanta Sierra
Health Coach
Los Angeles, CA
I met Kristina at a networking event about a year ago. We were happy to learn that we are from the same country and we decided to get together for a cup of coffee later.

When we met, I told Kristina that I was extremely stressed out. Between my job, my business, and my personal life, I was constantly exhausted. I just felt powerless over my own destiny. I felt stuck in a rut with no hope of getting out.

She told me that she could help me since she helps other professionals with, not only reducing stress, but also empowering women to live healthier balanced, and more enjoyable lives.

I was hesitant to sign up, as I believed I was already doing my best.

But that’s all that it was: I was doing My Best, not The Best that I could do.

After the initial assessment with Kristina, I knew that I could do better. I saw the potential to get into a more balanced, stress-free, empowered place in my life. I wanted to be there, but I did not know how. I knew that I had the potential. All I needed was guidance, sometimes even a hand to hold, sometimes just firm encouragement from Kristina: “Yes, you can do it!”

At that point I decided to sign up to work intensively with Kristina. She knew how to help me to transform my life into a more powerful, yet serene and fulfilling existence.

During the process of my complete transformation, I started to feel myself change from powerless into powerful, from feeling guilt, fear, and self-doubt into feeling strong and confident.

I stopped worrying so much, and started to feel stronger. I tapped into my own inner wisdom and creativity.
After doing Kristina’s powerful S-Factor Series, I don’t get stressed out at work as much anymore. I have a different way of handling stressful situations. I feel more compassion to others. I have more awareness for my own clients’ needs.

I was also able to get my business off the ground, helping my clients to lose weight and gain health. I was no longer scared to speak publicly at my workshops and do radio interviews. I tapped into my creative writing skills and am now published. I learned how to find my strength, and even though I felt fear, I courageously moved forward. I’m blown away by my own power over my individual circumstances.

I’ve learned how to trust my intuition more and fulfill my intentions. I made a Christmas wish to have a vacation with my daughter in Italy, and the next day my wish was granted.

During the 6 month program with Kristina, I’ve learned to pace myself and to treat myself in order to enjoy the quality things in my life. I re-organized my personal life and de-cluttered my space. Now I allow myself to really tune into my own needs andesires and my life is so much more enjoyable now.

I’ve got in touch with who I really am, and I feel more authentic. I really stepped into my power as a woman. Now, I see the new possibilities for my future almost daily. I have discovered my purpose in life, and now I gracefully follow it authentically. I feel in charge of my own destiny, and I have a clear plan to get there. I have truly been transformed.

Thank you, Kristina, for being here for me, helping me every step of the way and holding my hand when I needed. And thank you for being objective, and telling me: “Yes, you can do it!” when I didn’t want to, but needed, to hear it.

I cannot even begin to express what a huge transformation Kristina’s clients will achieve in their business as well as their personal lives, when they set aside just a few short months to be coached by Kristina.